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September 23rd 2022

ArtistSongENJOY IT NOW!!YearUser
Average White Band"Picking up the Pieces"CLICK HERE1977Chris
Bee Gees"Staying Alive"CLICK HERE!!1977Ben
Jackson Browne"Lawyers in Love"CLICK HERE1983Chris
Bee Gees"How Deep is Your Love"CLICK HERE1977Jim
John Travolta/Olivia Newton John"You're the one That I Want"CLICK HERE1978Philly
Shaka"Stop the Bot"CLICK HERE>2009Wolf
Beastie Boys"No Sleep Till Brooklyn"CLICK HERE1986John
Sha Na Na"Born to Hand Jive"CLICK HERE2009Wolf
Kenny Logins"Footloose"CLICK HERE1984Philly
Frank Valli"Grease"CLICK HERE1978Chris
Kill Radio"Do You Know"CLICK HERE2004Christian
Johnny Cash"Ain't No Grave"CLICK HERE2010Christian
Gary Moore"Over the Hills"CLICK HERE1987Taz
Gotye"Somebody I Used to Know"CLICK HERE2011Ben
Coheed and Cambria"Blood Red Summer"CLICK HERE2003Christian
Whitney Houston"Didn't we Almost Have it All"CLICK HERE1987Philly
Cranberries"Zombies"CLICK HERE1994Ben
Carona"Rhythm of the Night"CLICK HERE1995Vee White
James Darren"Goodbye Cruel World"CLICK HERE1961Christian
Crazy Town"Butterfly"CLICK HERE1999Lex
Beatles"Across the Universe"CLICK HERE1969Devildog
Seany B"Flaunt It"CLICK HERE2006Ben
Tears for Fears"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"CLICK HERE1985Philly
Meatloaf"Two out of Three Ain't Bad"CLICK HERE1977Philly
Korn"Another Brick on the Wall"CLICK HERE2004Devildog
ACDC"Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"CLICK HERE1980Bigboy
Bon Jovi"You Give Love a Bad Name"CLICK HERE1985Jeremy
Santana"Black Magic Woman"CLICK HERE1968Jamie
Morrissey"Spent the Day in Bed"CLICK HERE2017Nando
Chevelle"Send the Pain Below"CLICK HERE2017Bigboy
Slipknot"Devil in I"CLICK HERE2014Christian
Alice in Chains"Man in the Box"CLICK HERE1991Spicy
Tom McDonald"I Wish"CLICK HERE2019Grain
The Killers"All the Things I've Done"CLICK HERE2004Heather
Quincy JonesSandford & Sons ThemeCLICK HERE1971Christian
Scorpions"Still Loving You"CLICK HERE1984Spicy
Queensryche"Take Hold of the Flame"CLICK HERE1984Spicy
Michael Jackson"Earth Song"CLICK HERE1995Ben
Wasp"The Headless Children"CLICK HERE1989Hadji
Cheap Trick"The Flame"CLICK HERE1988Spicy
Death's Dynamic ShroudMesse de E-102CLICK HERE2022Telepathic
Rage Against the Machine"Killing in the Name of"CLICK HERE1992Bigboy
Jim Croce"Bad Boy Leroy Brown"CLICK HERE1973Jim
Judas Priest"War"CLICK HERE2008Christian
Nine Inch Nails"Closer"CLICK HERE1994Bigboy
The Killers"Mr. Brightside"CLICK HERE2004Heather
Kid Roci"All Summer Long"CLICK HERE2007Annette
Blondie"Call Me"CLICK HERE1980Yes
The Doors"Queen of the Highway"CLICK HERE1970Leah
Guns N' Roses"It's so Easy"CLICK HERE1988Jamie
Duran Duran"Reflex"CLICK HERE1983Yes
Skid Row"Youth Gone Wild"CLICK HERE1989Yes
Everlast"What it's Like"CLICK HERE1988Spicy
Gary Wright"Dreamweaver"CLICK HERE1975Bigboy
Muse"Uprising"CLICK HERE2009Heather
Starship"Jane"CLICK HERE1979Spicy
Michael Jackson"Rock With You"CLICK HERE1979Yes
Simply Red"If you Don't Know me"CLICK HERE1989Spicy
The English Beat"Mirror in the Bathroom"CLICK HERE1980Nando
Madness"Our House"CLICK HERE1983Bigboy
Nu Breed"Trespassing"CLICK HERE2011Tony
Listopad2014CLICK HERE2014ScarlettRose
The Beatles"Strawberry Fields Forever"CLICK HERE1967Grain
Gstar'Waves"CLICK HERE2022Yes

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1. Chris

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4. Cassidy

Picture PaGENT

While the music is playing, each evening the fans have fun sending in their selfies for 6 different categories:

  1.  Best Smile
  2.  Happiest
  3.  Fashionable
  4.  Most Fun
  5.  No Expression
  6.  Silliest

There can only be 1 Winner, whom will be announced the following evening and is posted here! We didn’t conduct the pageant this evening but will next time.  




Most Fun

No Expression


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