Queen of Advice
"Reclaiming Hearts Together"

An Experience LIKE NO OTHER


Advice Session

30 Minutes

For individuals

Advice Session B

60 Minutes

For individual or Couples

Meeting Of The Minds

30 Minutes

Two optimistic people discuss one or a select group of topics

Guest News Reporter: 

20 Minutes

Up to 3 topics to present and discuss with Queen and her audience

The Queen Interviews You

30 Minutes

Interesting career?  Professor or just great life experiences or favorite story to share? Can even be a specific area of interest, let the Queen interview you!

Interview The Queen: 

30 Minutes

Ask the Queens about her experience or take on anything you are interested, philosophy or perspectives 

Guitar/Music Theory Lesson

10 Minutes

The Queen enjoys sharing her music, yet finds greater happiness helping others bring new life into their own musical personality

Diet Analysis

10 Minutes

Your diet is one of greatest contributors to health, longevity & happiness.  Share yours with the Queen and get something new. 

Visiting Talent Series

20 Minutes

Musician, Comedian, Artist, Poet or Actor?  Well enjoy a nice performance and brief interview with the Queen after! 

Personal Profile Review 

20 Minutes

Honest and accurate feedback and you are guaranteed to find more success regardless of where you start

“I simply love what I do, while making a positive impact on every person I meet.  I will quickly learn all important variables that you may have or not been previously aware in your situation and give you an amazing solution that you will not find anywhere else”

Always Fun


Sharing positivity in many forms



Besides showcasing different talent on the show, Queen of Advice often plays guitar or keyboard as the house band of the show.  Not the most important part of her presence, yet many people seem to enjoy her energy